Cory Ferguson

Cory Ferguson is a second generation tattoo artist of nearly 20 years, based out of Good Point Tattoos in a suburb of Toronto, Canada.  Many inspirational visits to Europe and particularly England influenced the direction of his tattoo career, and as a result he introduced North America to the dotwork/geometric style of tattooing in the early 2000’s and has specialized in it ever since.


Good Point Tattoos

Good Point opened it’s doors in 2009 and we have been specializing in custom tattoos ever since. Our artists can create a unique design for you in any style imaginable including geometry, dotwork, black and grey, script, neotraditional, realism, illustrative or anything you desire.

If you’d like to book an appointment with Cory, please send us an email to tattoos@live.ca with a detailed description of what you’re looking to get done, as well as reference images.